Monitoring & Evaluation

In order to have successful tourism products and long-term benefits deriving from a planned tourism development for both, tourism and local biodiversity, it is necessary to constantly observe the trends and changes which might influence the destination’s performance. Therefore, monitoring and evaluation are seen as indispensible part of any tourism development project by the UNWTO Consulting Unit. The results of monitoring provide information for periodic review, alteration of management plans and for optimizing good practices – not only after the termination of a project, but at all stages.
Monitoring is understood as a tool: 
  • To check whether conditions set out in the plans are being properly implemented and complied with;
  • To identify any changes of circumstances such as environmental conditions or biodiversity status;
  • To identify impacts of tourism activities;
  • To assess how far the objectives of tourism development have been achieved;
  • To establish trends concerning the state of the biodiversity, tourism development and the economic and social development of the local communities.