Khaolak Closing Event, March 22nd, 2011


  1. Participants were registered and provided with the PEEK background documents (flyer, handbook for energy efficiency in Thai hotels, case study booklet)
  2. Ms. Khemwalai Therasuwanajak from PEEK moderated the event (Simultaneous translation English/Thai was provided for by PEEK)
  3. Dr. Dirk Glaesser gave an introductory speech on climate change and tourism and the relevance of this project . (Simultaneous translation English/Thai was provided for by PEEK)
  4. Mr. Sathorn Narawisooth, Phang Nga Deputy Governor, gave a speech on the relevance of the project to the province of Phang-Nga and stressed that it fitted in well with the province’s strategy.
  5. The Deputy Permanent Secretary of MoTS, Mrs. Thanitta S. Maneechote, provided an opening speech.
  6. Dr. Tom Selänniemi from TOI introduced the new sustainable tourism project along the Andaman Sea and invited the PEEK hotels to take part as representative pilots.
  7. Mr. Michael Meyer and Mr. Phongkarn Piamsuttitham summarized the PEEK project results along the four core work streams:
  8. After coffee break, the Energy Bureau presented possibilities of support for energy efficiency and renewable energy in Thailand.
  9. The Khaolak Seaview Resort described their experience with and outcomes of the PEEK project.
  10. The hotels were then formerly awarded with plaques to be put up in their respective hotels by MoTS and UNWTO.
  11. Dr. Glaesser provided the closing remarks for the event.
  12. All participants celebrated over lunch.
  13. A discussion round took place around the following two queries: What did you get out of the project? What kind of projects would you like to see in the future in this region? – The participants provided the following key comments:
  • C&N said that the PEEK helped people on the island become more aware of the importance of the environment as well as energy efficiency as a whole. Before the project kicked off, not many people on the island cared about the matter, but after the project had been implemented, people there could really see the practical result out of the theory. Also the project helped the enterprises learnt more about data collecting as it was really important in running a business. The enterprises could adopt this and applied it to their business in the future. C&N also said he was glad to be part of the project and hope to see similar project in the future.
  • KIB was happy to be chosen by the project. It was not only the energy consumption was reduced but also the consciousness and awareness of this issue has been initiated among the enterprises. KIB wished this kind of project would be duplicated in other area as it was a very successful and productive project.

Interview with Mr. Sathorn Narawisooth, Phang Nga Deputy Governor