Bangkok Closing Event, March 24th, 2011

Summary of event:

  1. Participants were registered and provided with the PEEK background documents (flyer, handbook for energy efficiency in Thai hotels, case study booklet)
  2. Mrs. Tanyada  Chiramatathorn from MoTS welcomed moderated the event  (the event was held in English)
  3. The Deputy Permanent Secretary of MoTS, Mrs.Thanitta S. Maneechote, provided an opening speech.
  4. Mr. Franz-Josef Ellermann from GIZ set the PEEK project into the context of the other projects of the International Climate Initiative in Thailand and stressed the close collaboration of the PEEK project with the project on Tourism and Climate Change in Muh Koh Chang.
  5. Dr. Dirk Glaesser gave an introductory speech on climate change and tourism and the relevance of the PEEK project
  6. Mr. Michael Meyer and Mrs. Sibylle Kabisch summarized the PEEK project results along the four core work streams.
  7. The Kho Khao Island Beach Resort, the C&N Kho Khao Resort and the Khaolak Seaview Resort described their experience with and outcomes of the PEEK project for their respective hotel.
  8. After a brief questions & answers session, the event was closed by MoTS.

Interview with Mrs.Thanitta S. Maneechote, Deputy Permanent Secretary of MoTS